For Evernotes

As a university student who recently made the bold and expensive move of buying an iPad, I had to rethink all of the logistic of my academic life. For instance, instead of going at the end of town to buy the books for my literature class, I simply started to buy their cheaper and easier to carry versions Ebook on Same with the rest of the stuff I’ve been carrying in my heavy-loaded backpack, pens, pencils and notebooks have been replaced by just a few apps. For instance, one the app I used the most, both as an ESL teacher and as student, is Evernotes.

In a nutshell, Evernotes is a note-taking application that greatly facilitates the creation, the classification and the sharing of your notes. With this app, available for only 5$ on Apple Store, you can create different files for everyone of your classes, projects and documents. While basics Word options are available, such as different fronts, highlighting and colours, you can also instantly add a picure either from your library or one you’ve juste taken with your iPad. Pictures you can then add into your note page for your better understanding. The voice recording option comes useful when you want to record a lecture at a conference or from a teacher.

As an ESL teacher I also found quite a few interesting applications in education to this apps. For instance, when evaluating my students’ oral presentations, I would open a PDF version of my evaluation grid in Evernotes, and take note directly on it as they are presenting. I would open an evaluation grid that would then become my note-taking page for every single one of their presentations. Moreover, because I had the chance of having many iPads at my disposition, I would place one on everytable where they had their discussion and I would activate the recording via Evernotes. It would enable me to insure that the students were constantly interacting in English and allow me to listen back to some presentations whenever I wasn’t sure I had properly evaluated them. It would also prevent me from having to justify a bad grade to the parents, I had proof their kid hadn’t participate well enough during the oral interaction.         

But Evernotes I actually much more than that. As it is constantly growing, it’s becoming a platform similar to Google Drive, but for iPads and iPhones. It allows you to synchronize all of you notes from one of your device to another and facilitates their transfer to another person with the same apps. Although I’m aware that other similar apps are available on iStore, Evernotes is clearly fast growing and with the variety of tools and other apps it connects with, it opens a new world of possibilities waiting to be exploited.

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