With the venue of the Internet, we often feel we’ve seen it all. It might by my lack of imagination, but it seems to me as if there are websites for everything, from music editing to apps creation, and that it must be pretty hard to come up with the next big thing online. Damn Zuckerberg… However, as I was surfing through the web to find new ideas for my ESL teaching class, I stumbled upon a very inspiring new platformIssuu­. Issuu is an online sharing community, an endless source of new information, but solely it is a platform that enables you to create an incredibly looking magazine out of your old PDFs.

Indeed, Issuu is a free online platform, also available for Ipad, on which you can read, publish, distribute, print and share your magazine via the Web and the social medias. While creating and editing a magazine might sound incredibly puzzling, they made it very simple. You simply upload a PDF version of your document, select the frame and look you wish to use and it will automatically tranfer to the desired format. Then you can play around with the fronts, the margins and titles. To make you article visually appealing, you can easily add pictures, graphics and scribbles.

As far as teaching implications are going, one can set up a WebQuest and ask you students to create an short Issuu magazine on a given subject. For instance, with high school students about to graduate and go to college, you can ask them to organize a magazine discussing the different branches of their future specialization in College. Let’s say one goes to nursing school, the content of their magazine would touch upon matters such as the different subcategories of nursing, the issues and problematic surrounding it, the values of the profession, research and so on. I would be a very interesting way for them to reinvest their language skills and apply them to something that’s useful as well and meaningful to them.

Here are other ideas:
Create an online magazine about historical, scientific, or literary events or people
Compile creative writing activities and publish as a literary magazine
Students can create an electronic portfolio of their artwork or writing
Publish instructions and handouts for assignments for student access
Create “how-to” guides for technology you use in class
Upload a copy of your syllabus and post a link on your class webpage, blog or wiki

If you wish to simply learn more about new teaching methods and the field of education in general, you can also skim through in the education section of Issuu. Moreover, there are even dozens of online L.E.S.s available on this platforms.

As cool as blogging is, I really think Issuu will grow significantly in the next few years, particularly because of its versatility, its interface and the blooming community that is starting to grow around it.

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